Seth Shiv Dayal Ji did not start Radha Soami Panth

Supreme Knowledge

Radha Soami book “Nasar yani Vartik” very clearly says that Radha Soami panth was started by Rai Salig Ram

Shiv Dayal ji showed slight resentment about the name Radha Soami by saying that his panth was that of “Satnam and Anami” and this Radha Soami panth has been started by Rai Salig Ram but then allowed this sect to propagate as he was helpless.

Hazoor Swami Shiv Dayal ji Maharaj in a way disowns the Radha Soami sect but being helpless allows it to continue. In reality its a sect started by one of the disciples of Shiv Dayal ji and hence is arbitrary and useless.

Radha Soami Panth was started by Rai Saligram

Seth Shiv Dayal Radhasoami