Why is Radha Soami not the right faith - An Analysis

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All the statements made on this website are a result of comprehensive research work. The statements are based upon facts and are backed up by evidence from Radha Soami literature and books. This may sometimes feel harsh especially to a follower but the intention is only to draw the attention of the reader to the truth. The content has been published in good faith and is only a critique and analysis of the knowledge prevalent in the Radha Soami faith.

Radha Soami Hazoor Maharaj

Where does the Radha Soami faith go wrong?

Hazoor Swami Shiv Dayal ji did not have a Guru

Swami Shiv Dayal ji started Radha Swami faith on his own. He himself did not have a Guru. This renders the faith arbitrary and self made. Without a Guru salvation can not be achieved. That is why Swami Shiv Dayal ji did not attain salvation (moksh, nirvan). He appeared in his disciple Bukki after his death.

Swami Shiv Dayal Ji did not start Radha Soami Faith

Secondly Swami Shiv Dayal ji says that he did not start the Radha Soami faith. He started a faith that of "Satnaam and Anami". This Radha Soami faith has been started by Rai Salig Ram who again did not have any orders of Guru to start this sect. This again makes the faith self made and arbitrary.

Swami Shiv Dayal ji used to smoke Hookah (tobacco pipe)

According to the constitution of God those who consume tobacco and other intoxicants like alcohol drugs etc can never achieve God or salvation.

Radhasoami & Huqqa / Hukka (Tobacco Pipe)

Baba Jaimal Singh set up Dera Beas & started giving naam without the orders of Shiv Dayal Ji

Baba Jaimal Singh ji was a disciple of Swami Shiv Dayal ji and started Dera Baba Jaimal Singh in Beas in Punjab. He did not have any orders of his guru to start a branch in Beas which again makes this faith null and void. Without the orders of a guru, a faith is useless.

God is considered formless in Radha Soami teachings

Radha Soami Gurus consider God to be formless whereas Holy Scriptures describe the God to be in form (human form). Hence Radha Soami concept about God and their knowledge about God is faulty and incomplete. In other words the knowledge given by Radha Soami Gurus is useless and nothing can be achieved by following the faith let alone salvation.

Other Radha Soami Gurus like Sawan Singh ji Maharaj and Darshan Singh ji Maharaj again had no knowledge about God.

The Paanch Naams (Five names) given in Radha Soami faith are wrong

Tulsi Das ji of Hath Ras describe these names as those of Kaal. Two shabads by Kabir Sahib, Santo Shabadai Shabad Bakhana and Kar Naino Didar give a complete description of these naams and their actual state. This is where Radha Soami Gurus have acquired these names.

There is no mention of the name "Radha Soami" in any of the Holy Scriptures

This term was coined by Rai Salig Ram who used to address Naraini Devi (wife of Seth Shiv Dayal Ji) as "Radha Ji". This is how the name "Radha Soami" came in to being. The actual meaning of the word Radhasoami (Radhaswami) is Shiv Dayal ji

Now the current Radha Soami Gurus and disciples take the support of vani by Dadu Jiand claim that this word is mentioned in the Scriptures. The vani goes like this

दादू धारा अगम की सतगुरु देई लखाई
ताही उलट सिमरन कर, स्वामी संग मिलाई

Dadu dhara agam ki satguru dai lakhaay, tahi ult simran kar, swami sang milaay"

They describe this doha to be that of "Kabir Sahib" where as in reality it has been said by Dadu ji. Moreover Radha Soami Gurus translate it wrongly. Numerous other Vaanis have been said by Dadu ji where he describes Kabir Sahib as the Supreme God. A few of them are listed below.

जिन मोकुं निज नाम दिया, सोइ सतगुरु हमार। दादू दूसरा कोई नहीं, कबीर सृजनहार।।
Jin mokun nij naam diya, soi Satguru humaar,Dadu doosra koi nahin, Kabir srjan haar

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The Concept of Surat Shabad Yoga in Radha Soami is wrong

Radha Soami describe "Surat Shabad Yoga" as the way of achieving God or salvation. The Surat Shabad Yoga as described by Radha Soami Gurus is a type of forced meditation (Hatha Yoga) which is a wrong way of worship according to the Holy Scriptures. In reality they have no concept about Surat Shabad Yoga.

In a nutshell everything that is prevalent in the Radha Soami faith and everything that is professed by Radha Soami Gurus is wrong.